About GeoComputing Group

Company Overview

At GeoComputing Group we believe that implementation of technology cannot be done in a vacuum. It is important to understand that any change has an impact on the core business, no matter how small. Working with the business in a partnership is the key to success.

Geo Technical Computing Services

When implementing technology, one size does not fit all, but we do know that the use of our processes in evaluation, design and implementation, lead to consistent wins; even when solutions vary significantly from one customer to the next. We promote clear, empirical methods to assess the impact our solutions have on customer environments and workflows. Our goal is to help you extract the maximum value from your investments, lower support costs, and increase performance.

Geo Technical Computing

Our professional services specialize in assisting companies with the business of designing, scoping, implementing and supporting high-performance IT infrastructures. We have extensive experience in evaluating, implementing and sustaining a number of cutting-edge technologies to address G&G IT challenges, and typically at a significant cost savings compared with traditional IT solutions.

GeoComputing Group has noteworthy experience in E&P computing environments within the Energy Sector. Our team has extensive domain knowledge in the fields of infrastructure services, application support, data management, and the processes required to support the E&P activities in Oil and Gas companies.

Code of Conduct

Honesty we truly believe honesty is the best policy. There are many solutions and options out there. You can rest assured knowing that we will guide you and consult with you in a completely honest way, based on our extensive experience.

Vendor Neutral we work with all the major vendors. We are not tied to any one of them. We will recommend the right solution, from the right vendor, based on your specific needs and goals.

Zero Conflicts of Interest we do not accept sales commissions, or referral fees from any vendor. Our integrity is important to us. There is zero conflict of interest in our recommendations.

Exceptional Delivery GeoComputing takes pride in exceptional customer delivery. This is at the core of our business goals, to deliver our services better than anyone else.

Value our goal is to have a long-term relationship with your company. We will provide you with unparalleled service, and at a great price. We are in this for the long haul.


Oil and Gas Computing Services

Attention all IT professionals in Oil & Gas. Have you ever felt like a second-class citizen at your company? That's because most large Oil & Gas companies don’t consider IT to be core business, and whilst that may be true, where would they be without it, without you! If it hasn’t happened already, your company might be trying to outsource your role right now.

Oil and Gas Computing

Small Oil & Gas companies can't offer a meaningful career path for IT professionals because their IT department simply isn't big enough, and you’re saddled with becoming a Jack of all trades, and master of none. So where does that leave you?

At GeoComputing Group we hire only the best IT Subject Matter Experts with domain knowledge of E&P. Why don't you come and join our ever-growing family; connect with us via LinkedIn or send us your resume via email.